Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hello Blogland!!!

So here we have it, my little blog for my stuff that isn't cards or art work.  It was kinda getting all mixed up and was neither one thing or another so I've decided to seperate them so here is hopefully for my makes that aren't paper based.
I recently bought myself a sewing machine, and like my sewing skills it's very basic,  I'm hoping this blog will be a bit of a semi tutorial kinda thing.  I'm rubbish at working with patterns (I don't understand half the lingo) so from time to time I will post my take on things I've made in easy to understand terms (they have to be for me to follow them), and no doubt will post my mistakes and mishaps, that's how I tend to learn, from my many and varied mistakes.
So to start us all off here's a pic of one of the first bags I have made, it's a very simple tote with boxed corners (there are already hundreds of tutorials out there).
Please feel free to comment on anything and add your know how or ask questions.
Catch ye all later x

................. ok having probs uploading pics, will add some later x

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