Friday, 9 November 2012


After much research and hunting about I have found the perfect snap setter for me.  I have problems with the tendons in my wrists so had set my heart on the type that you hammer the snaps in as opposed to plier type squeezy things.  Well I couldn't find a nice sturdy one in the UK and the postage was more than the item to order from elsewhere.  By chance I came across a review for the KAM snap setter, so glad I did.  It's a bargain (£11), the snaps are cheap and come in a huge assortment of colours and yes it's a pliers type but because the snaps are plastic rather than metal I have no problem getting enough of a squeeze on to fix them securely.  My only problem now is what to snapify?  The cat? the kids? everything :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

First time in a long time

Well, I'm back from my first craft fair in a long time.  I gave up doing them a while back as I found them to be badly advertised and poorly attended and there for costly.  My how things have changed!  Lovely big tables in a brightly lit hall, lots of variation of items and a generally good happy atmosphere.  It was also a nice way of meeting other crafters and a sneaky bit of market research to boot.  The next one is in a months time, just ready for the mad festive shopping spree.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Super hero sexy

I've been busy busy with stuff for a craft fair that's coming up soon and got bored of the usual little zippy purses so decided to elaborate a little and make something that was intended to be a bit more grown up.  Ha ha major fail!  I can't resist a bit of super hero fabric so although the design may be a little more sophisticated my inner child won through.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Just a quick post, this is a little boxed corner bag with a rather large tartan ruffle and yes I did cheat and used webbing for the handles :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Variation on a theme

So the curvy bag is gorgeous (buttercup bag from made by rae) but sometimes the fabric is just so lovely that you want to see it in it's full glory, no pleats.  Solution...........use the lining template for the outer as well. Not only does it showcase the fabric but it's so quick to make you will have half a dozen new bags before you know where you are!
Here's one I made all for me!
Even had enough fabric left to make a little purse and a junk/make up pouch.  It's amazing what you can squeeze out of a couple of fat quarters!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Busy busy busy

Yup the summer holidays are hetic with four boys to keep amused but I still managed to find time to get a few bits done and a bit of fabric shopping too.

The little coin purse was made using the tutorial over at noodlehead, it's so easy and well explained.  I can't seem to find the link for the bag right now but if I do I will post it as it too is an easy make, and yeah, the head band, great one for the kids to do, just cut some felt flowers on your die cutting machine or by hand and stitch or glue on a stretchy head band, mine were 3 for a pound at the local pound shop.
The white bag is just a couple of 12 inch squares and I went a bit mad with the felt flowers.  Nothing fancy about this one not even boxed corners.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Guilty as charged!

Yup, blog neglect!  I get so wrapped up in doing stuff that I forget to post about it, so here's a little of what I've been making........
 First up we have what has been christened the Meg mitt!  My friend has not long bought herself a lovely little collie puppy so her oven mitt is now officially the Meg Mitt.  No tutorial to go with this one as its fairly simple, just draw around your hand with a very generous seam allowance, cut two each of your exterior and lining fabrics and two double layers of heat resistant/cotton wadding.  Make a sandwich of your exterior fabric (right sides together) in the middle of your two double layers of wadding and stitch leaving the bottom open.  Do the same with the lining minus wadding.  Turn the exterior so its the right way out, slip the lining inside it and join together with your binding of choice.
 A cute little summer set, maybe it will have to wait until next year for use as I think the British summer has gone on holiday!
This is more my type of thing, it's black, it's not too big and is very simple.  Again very basic.  I have found a use for my vinyl records!  They make a perfect template for making bags.  This one is just 4 12 inch squares, two outer, two lining with boxed corners with two fabric handles.  Easy peezy, it's got to be really as I have no patience for fiddly and complicated.

Thursday, 28 June 2012


Only I could get excited about wadding!  Been looking all over the net for pure cotton wadding at a reasonable price and lo and behold I found some today right on my doorstep.  Gotta love little local shops.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Woo Hooooo! Pix!

Finally, it appears I can get pix up, woo hooooo!
So, here's a couple of very simple box cornered tote bags

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Hmmm?  Really having trouble uploading these pix, any suggestions?  Wonder if my camera is set too high?  Are the files too big? HELP!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hello Blogland!!!

So here we have it, my little blog for my stuff that isn't cards or art work.  It was kinda getting all mixed up and was neither one thing or another so I've decided to seperate them so here is hopefully for my makes that aren't paper based.
I recently bought myself a sewing machine, and like my sewing skills it's very basic,  I'm hoping this blog will be a bit of a semi tutorial kinda thing.  I'm rubbish at working with patterns (I don't understand half the lingo) so from time to time I will post my take on things I've made in easy to understand terms (they have to be for me to follow them), and no doubt will post my mistakes and mishaps, that's how I tend to learn, from my many and varied mistakes.
So to start us all off here's a pic of one of the first bags I have made, it's a very simple tote with boxed corners (there are already hundreds of tutorials out there).
Please feel free to comment on anything and add your know how or ask questions.
Catch ye all later x

................. ok having probs uploading pics, will add some later x