Friday, 13 July 2012

Guilty as charged!

Yup, blog neglect!  I get so wrapped up in doing stuff that I forget to post about it, so here's a little of what I've been making........
 First up we have what has been christened the Meg mitt!  My friend has not long bought herself a lovely little collie puppy so her oven mitt is now officially the Meg Mitt.  No tutorial to go with this one as its fairly simple, just draw around your hand with a very generous seam allowance, cut two each of your exterior and lining fabrics and two double layers of heat resistant/cotton wadding.  Make a sandwich of your exterior fabric (right sides together) in the middle of your two double layers of wadding and stitch leaving the bottom open.  Do the same with the lining minus wadding.  Turn the exterior so its the right way out, slip the lining inside it and join together with your binding of choice.
 A cute little summer set, maybe it will have to wait until next year for use as I think the British summer has gone on holiday!
This is more my type of thing, it's black, it's not too big and is very simple.  Again very basic.  I have found a use for my vinyl records!  They make a perfect template for making bags.  This one is just 4 12 inch squares, two outer, two lining with boxed corners with two fabric handles.  Easy peezy, it's got to be really as I have no patience for fiddly and complicated.

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